Blade and Soul Academy was founded with the mission of creating a community for helping players and improving the game. We are a community dedicated to the game of Blade and Soul. Our goal is to help players of all skill levels hone their abilities and increase their knowledge. We seek to provide a structured mentoring system alongside various online resources to help players who are aspiring to become the best that they can be.

Our Mission

At its core, our mission is quite simple; provide services for our users that not only allow them to learn and improve their gameplay and their skills in regards to classes and content, but in doing this also help them to enjoy the game more. Blade and Soul can be an intimidating game, especially for players new to the MMO genre, and through the resources and services we provide we hope to help lessen that intimidation that players experience. Our team is dedicated in working towards this goal, and our Class Masters, Dungeon Masters, Writers, and community in general share the same ambition and drive. We are a multifaceted organization that offers many things to assist players, such as:

  • Guides for classes, dungeons, PvP content, and the game in general.
  • A judgement free community where people can ask questions and receive assistance.
  • Patience, we’re here to help and we understand that everyone learns at different paces. We won’t rush you, yell at you, insult you, or anything of that nature.
  • Friends, games are more fun when you have people to play with, and we hope that you’ll find not only people you can do game content with here, but people you form friendships with.
Important Information
  • Currently we are the best place for players to find learning/training runs, and groups for all content on both NA and EU.
  • We aim to help bring new players into the game as well, by providing them resources and mentors that will easier allow them to get a foothold in the world of Blade and Soul.
  • We aim to be a trustworthy source of information, free from any judgement or elitism, and provide the most accurate and up to date resources for the game.
  • Our services will always be free, from guides to mentorship and assistance. While donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated, they are not required.
  • We treat everyone with respect, no one person is more important than anyone else. We expect our mentors to be respectful to those that they are teaching, and we expect those that are being taught to show the same respect to the mentors and those who are learning with them. In short, everyone should treat everyone else with respect at all times.
Special Thanks
  • Attoli, Exertion and Elektra for founding and working to bring to fruition the academy.
  • Yevvie, our designer, for her wonderful graphics used both on the website and the Discord.
  • Our coders, who worked tirelessly to ensure the site was bug free and running at peak performance.
  • Our Class Masters, and Dungeon Masters who actively help players every day.
  • Our Writers, who took time to have detailed, polished guides available to everyone.
  • And finally, the community, because without every single one of you the Academy wouldn’t be what it is today.