New Players
You, a new student of the Hongmoon Clan, were thrust into a twist of fate when a dark overlord named Jinsoyun who massacred Master Hong and your fellow Hongmoon students. Plunged into the world with this scar, you wander seeking revenge. But don’t fret, for there’s allies out there who all share the same goal in bringing down the dark mastermind.
Ten types of warriors march onto the battlefield, each with different weapons, wits and tactics. Some excel at protection and rejuvenation with their affinity for nature, others create the sounds of victory with the beat from their weapons and fists. However, all go hand-to-hand at creating havoc, dancing around enemy attacks, and prioritising their own survival.
We carry extra supplies of tools, pointers, and tips to use to improve your overall gameplay experience. Our wares range from optimisation pointers, ping tips, and even the legendary DPS meter! And everything we have to offer is free of charge!
Moonwater Plains
Shadow always lurks nearby: The Haunted Necropolis, stained by corrupted energy some 30 years past, is where a demonic outbreak is endlessly held back by the brave Snapjaw Tribe. As the Eastern Continent is also territory of the Talus Empire, one must always be wary of the outbreak of violence where the Talus Army clashes with the rebellious Skyhaven Resistance.
Mushin's Tower
In far flung ages when the Naryu Empire stood supreme over the world, its greatest sages constructed a looming tower so tall it touched the heavens. Its sole purpose: to train Mushin, the heir to the Naryu Empire’s royal line. Only through rigorous training against as wide a variety of threats as possible could Mushin truly become a god among men, surpassing all with his astounding martial prowess.
Silverfrost Mountains
Home to Zaiwei, capital city of the Talus Dominion, standing as a beacon of wealth and power among nature’s bounty. Beyond the city awaits frozen mountains full of treacherous heights, blistering snowstorms, and ancient temples of long-slumbering gods waiting to awaken once more. But for all the mystery and intrigue the region has to offer, it is the grand capital city itself that holds the darkest secrets.
Viridian Coast
It is home to Jadestone Village, a bustling lakeside community where business thrives in the region, and the prestigious Hongmoon School tucked away in Heaven’s Reach beyond the shore. But for all its peaceful beauty, there’s always the looming threat of the devious Blackram Marauders waiting to strike at the unsuspecting coastal towns, or the restless spirits haunting the Gloomdross Forest.
Khanda Vihar
Lusung sold out the Hongmoon school, all for the sake of power. Now he has been blessed by a lieutenant of the Dark Lord, the Raven King. With this newfound strength, he lays waste to this ancient Naryu island, scavenging resources to spread his demonic influence across the world.
Gunwon City
This part of the Stratus Empire sits on atop an ancient Naryu landsite, with glorious treasure buried beneath their catacombs. But numerous types of creatures – those who seek the knowledge and wisdom of the Naryu, those who seek the vast treasure and riches of the Naryu, and those who worship the Naryu as gods – engage in a never-ending battle for Naryu glory.